A family history started more than 20 years ago...

For nearly 20 years PRAESIDIUM ARMOR LLC founder and owner, Josh GREEN, oversaw the daily operations of a company that was THE world leader in the production of top-quality individual equipment products for the military, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies. Josh GREEN and his mother, Lorene GREEN, began operations in the basement of her Orlando, Florida home in 2004 where they produced nylon gear for private security agencies, including assorted bags, jackets, pants, and a variety of other packs. Every Praesidium Armor product is subject to the strictest quality standards.

2017, the year of the click

In 2017, the company redirected its product focus to fill a noticeable void in the availability of quality tactical nylon products for military and law enforcement. Relying on the knowledge and experience gained in conceivably the toughest personal goods environment readily positions PRAESIDIUM ARMOR USA as a frontrunner to lead the next evolution in the highly demanding world of personal work-wear goods. Today, our mission to provide the highest quality goods possible is evident in the materials and craftsmanship that goes into every product we make. Relying heavily on our rich history of supplying top quality goods for the military and law enforcement community gives Praesidium Armor the experience needed to create new equipment to meet our customers’ unique needs.